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About Us

Simplicate is led by a team of innovative technology and management professionals with decades of proven international experience.

We understand that real impact which is sustainable is our end goal, and we can achieve this level of change only by working closely with our clients. We roll up our sleeves and fully partner with our clients.

We work with enterprise clients - corporates, start-ups in different industries and provide lasting business value.


Our Software offerings include Products and Services.
We have off-the-shelf products for enterprises in several areas.
We develop bespoke business applications which include digital properties as well as complex AI based back end systems for automating risk, compliance, operations, etc.
We work on customer-centric iterative delivery model for proper alignment with business objectives.


Our Analytics offerings are designed to make sense out of the deluge of data.
We can build meaningful MIS for the company which will help business managers take the right decisions.
Using predictive analytics, we can help uncover patterns and predict business events.
We have assisted banks in using analytics for cross sell, insurers in predicting policy renewals and lenders in predicting loan defaulters.

Our Services


We have developed rich web portals and mobility solutions with complex back end systems and online interfaces to external agencies. Services include web design, web programming, native and hybrid mobile apps (Android and iOS) along with programming for interfaces and associated back end system.

Enterprise Systems

These can be systems for automation of processes or flows in areas such as sales, operations, risk, finance. Elements can include OCR, machine learning based algos, configurable products, data through web scraping, flexible reporting. We have expertise in ensuring scalability, reliability and security needed for enterprise systems.

Data Analytics

Predictive data analytics or machine learning can be used to help in decision making by better analysis of data. Use cases can be for customer retention, cross sell, process optimization, store analytics, etc.

Key Clients

Latest White Papers

Sales Applications Popularization

Have you implemented a CRM for your salesforce but it is not being used? Have you built a great website but customers are not visiting it? This whitepaper describes what can be done to improve the usage and hence maximize the return on investment for technology.
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Designing MIS

As a company grows, MIS keeps growing but it fails to keep pace with the changed business environment. Is it always a good idea to take a step back and revamp the MIS. This whitepaper explains a few tested approaches to making MIS lucid, relevant and actionable.
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ATM Cash Optimization

How much money to keep in each ATM daily? - this is a question faced by all banks. This whitepaper shows how Machine Learning works with this use case as an example.
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